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Cumulated Overtime / Undertime in Attendence Sheet suggestion

Possibility to cumulate overtime / undertime for selected period (e.g. January - May) per employee in the attandence sheet

Anonymous 2019-05-29 16:29
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Time bank function
If someone works more than 8 hours a normal day, the hours exceeding the normal workday is put in a “time bank”. The same happens if someone works on a holiday or a weekend. If someone works less than 8 hours a day the hours in the “time bank” is reduced by that amount. A person can than take time off from work using one’s hours in the "time bank". Your allowed to have + 80 hours and – 40 hours in the "time bank". If you have more or less you get it in money on your next salary. Today we try to keep track of every persons "time bank" in Excel. We need to find a function that keeps track of the “time bank” for every person in the Company.

How do we set up a “time bank” function in TimeCamp?

2019-12-06 12:49

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