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Task widget - obvious indication of running timer suggestion

A colour change or some other obvious indicator to show when the timer is running would be nice. The text changes and so does the play button but they are very subtle, especially considering how small the widget is on a 4k display. I have attached an example of the approach Time Doctor uses. Any number of alternative approaches might be good. In Time Doctor the task colour changes, the header colour changes, the icon and its colour change, and in the widget the text goes bold and a light turns on to show that the app is 'recording'.

ury531449 2019-08-15 10:35
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Showing seconds on the clock also makes it clear that the timer is running. This could be a simple option.

2019-08-15 10:59

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Avatar sugester medium
I would add to this a little... and make the widget change colour to a 'billable' or 'not billable' colour as then it is easy to see if the user is accumulating billable (most important!) time or not.

2020-02-09 08:39

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