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Ability to filter projects with the option to select specific projects / tasks in all reports when you have selected Active and Archived Tasks is selected suggestion

The projects filter field, when the Active Tasks field is selected, allows the user to select Projects and Tasks with checkboxes.
As soon as Active and Archived Tasks is selected, the filter changes and you are only able to select one item from the filtered list.

This is totally counter-productive as we report from different sources (TimeCamp/Zendesk/BaseCamp) and some task may still be active but others are archived (or Solved/Closed in Zendesk or Completed in BaseCamp 3).
Even though we can draw the report from a customised report and filter it in Excel, the custom reports do not show the Time Start and End and this just makes it a time-consuming exercise.
PLEASE change the filter option for Active and Archived reports to the same as Active only.

PeterH 2019-09-24 16:15
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Avatar sugester medium
Urgently require this option in order to effectively bill clients

2019-10-07 11:38

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