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Day of week on Custom Report, plus order by days of week, not days of month suggestion

Sorry if this repeats someone else's prior submission, but here's the bug: this week was 28, 29, 30 of Sep, then 1, 2, 3 Oct, and it sorted my custom/weekly report as 1,2,3,28,29,30! What? yea, it sorted numerically by day of the month, not M,T,W,T,F,S,S day of the week. PLEASE could you all do some programming to provide a chronological ordering in the custom report. I do a custom report with "Daily" as the 1st index. What other way is there to show a full week, which I then can transpose into my company time card system.

OK, here's part 2: Again on the custom report - please provide an option to display the day of the week: Mon; Tue; Wed; Thu; Fri; not just the calendar day of the month. It's on the timesheet (weekly) beautifully, but not on the custom reports. If they'd add a "day of Week" icon, and maybe a "date" icon, then a user could optionally add those in. In both cases, the sort is not alphabetical, of course, but this ought not be breakthrough programming either.

My work around for now: in the "notes", I put 1-Mon-28Sep; 2-Tue-29Sep; 3-Wed-30Sep; etc. then I use the notes for that axis, so it sorts based on the notes entry leading characters and I then remove "Daily" entirely. That way I can see day of week, and date, and the leading number, 1- through 7-, makes it sort chronologically.
So then my report goes 1-Mon-28Sep; 2-Tue-29Sep; 3-Wed-30Sep across the top, the x-axis, while the projects (tasks) are the y-axis.

Oh, since I'm gabbing, I constantly flip between that report and timesheet week view. that about all I use, the week view of timesheet, but every flip goes to timesheet day view. Can the "Timesheet" menu have a dropdown to go directly to week view, instead of the extra mousing to open day view, then click week view once there. Or just remember which view I used last and flip back to whichever view was most recently used.

I mean this product is so close to perfect, just a few bits like this would really put it over the top.

Anonymous 2020-10-04 07:07
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