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Duplicate keywords in multiple projects - auto-select project most recently used as default suggestion

We are working on multiple projects which have some files with unique names, but also share some common files/libraries.

We can define the unique project file names as keywords for each project, so that TimeCamp automatically detects what Project we are currently working on. But if we define the common file name "say File A", which is common to both projects, as keywords for both projects, then TimeCamp seems to look for the first project "alphabetically" in which the keyword is found and then auto detect and change to that project.

So, if we have defined the same keyword "File A" in both Project A and Project B and Project B has currently been auto-detected (based on another keyword unique to Project B), then if we start to edit File A, we would like TimeCamp to continue recording time against Project B (as File A is defined as a keyword for Project B), rather than switch to Project A (where File A has also been defined as a keyword), just because it is searching alphabetically through the projects for the first project in which the keyword could be found.

So, we would like TimeCamp to look for the keyword in the project which is currently auto-detected, before looking to find the keyword in other projects alphabetically.

Or, ideally to look for the keyword in the projects in the order in which they have been more recently used, rather than alphabetically - then select the project for which the keyword has been defined based on the project most recently used.

Thank you.

Anonymous 2021-01-22 16:16

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