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Notifications when a project/task has reach a set number of hours/checkpoint suggestion

I have some clients who wish to be notified when their project has reached a set number of hours and others who are billed for their project in increments, thereby needing to track when specific hourly checkpoints are met. Having a feature that you could set a notification (or multiple) to the task/project owner for when reaching a specified number of hours would help to know when that checkpoint is reached rather than surpassed as most times I'm not looking at an individual customers hours on a daily basis (or even weekly typically).

Example: Client wants to be notified each time they hit 5 hours for task request completion in order to budget for payment of work. Typically the client has between 5-10 hours per month (billing period). This allows for notification to the task/project owner to tell the client their time has been reached for the month and decide if the task should be completed or wait until the following month.

Example: Client is billed at a project rate split between 4 payments. The estimated time for the project is 75 hours. Initial payment is made before the project starts and the following payments are due at 25 hours, 50 hours, and at project completion. Notifications to the project owner to process billing for those increments would allow for streamlined billing.

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