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I love the app, No joke, I really REALLY do. My client is insisting on me to account for literally every minute and what exactly was worked on and OMG, TimeCamp is a life saver, especially how it tracks which documents I had open when and how long (And I'd be glad to elaborate in a testimonial, and really brag how much your app helped us!).

SO I have three concerns:
1) It would be nice when a user opens the Timesheet tab that if the prior view was "weekly" that the app "remembers" to it open up that same view! I go back and forth a lot and it would be so much more convenient if the app took care of doing that (rather than the user needing to keep having to click it);
2) Our industry (pharmaceutical manufacturing) is mandated by the FDA to use a specific date format, usually in "30SEP21" format (or sometimes "30-SEP-21" which is also acceptable) since otherwise, you can't tell between the European and US formats (eg. is 10/11/21 October 11th or November 10th?). Excel handles this by offering a format choice "DD-MMM-YY" (or "DD-MMM-YYY"), and it knows to put the MMM as text string, 3 digit abbreviation. (TimeCamp only offers a 2 digit numeric representation of month)
Meanwhile, I'm retyping all my dates into this format for my submitted report (fortunately, I'm paid by the hour- LOL).
3) I really compliment the reporting options- I use "custom" (for my timecards). The format I use/need is 'day, task, hours' one week at a time with daily aggregation by task. BUT, the date format is primitive, it's only the day of the month. Two problems:
3a) The sort in the report is exclusively only the most recent day first. But I need option for oldest first (please)
3b) I also need the full date (see #2) in the "DD-MMM-YY" format. (now I have to retype) instead of just the two digit day as a numeric.
(I tried to see if "weekly" would help, but that is just pegged as one day, on the Saturday of the Week ended, but not the day by day date! Plus my week ends Sunday night, but I'm not hung up on that part).

Anonymous 2021-09-30 22:40
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Two corrections - of course, my date format was supposed to read "DD-MMM-YYYY" (for 4 digit year); AND
When I referred to report current sorting being "most recent first" and asking for an option for chronological order, I did not grasp that the issue is only when a month changes during the week, so it sorted Oct 1st ahead of Sept 27, 28, 29 etc. However, this is solved too if we expand date to DD-MMM-YYYY format and then sort (again, like Excel - sort by date not by string AND offer ascending vs. descending option).

2021-10-01 01:25

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