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For example: client with the name clientX and I have multiple projects underneath clientX.


At the moment I can shere the link but I have to explicitly check project 1 and 2.

What will be nice is if we have a link on the root project to include all sub projects so I don't have to resend an link every time we add an project.

So ideally it will be a page where the client can go and pull their own reports without logging in

Anonymous 2019-08-29 16:33 0 comments
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Today, only timecamp can display a external calendar. But, in my company, we use outlook calendar. I'd like to display my timesheet in my outlook calendar.

Anonymous 2019-08-27 10:10 0 comments
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I had TimeCamp (old) installed on Windows 10. I installed TimeCamp Desktop (new). Both applications were then running. Both widgets were available. I closed the old application and uninstalled it and the Widget for the new application went away. I reinstalled the new application. No change. I rebooted. No change. I downloaded the version again and reinstalled. No change. Where has the widget gone?

ury531449 2019-08-22 16:20 1 comment
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Timecampdesktop 2019 08 22 07 25 42

This message instructs me to click on the gear icon in the upper right corner to change the autocomplete settings. Unfortunately (1) there are two gear icons near the upper right corner (the intended icon is the one in the screenshot, but there is another under the messagebox) and (2) when I click on the correct gear icon there is no setting called autocomplete mode (the intended setting is labelled 'Synchronise timeframe with duration...'). This instruction needs some clarification.

ury531449 2019-08-22 15:39 0 comments
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Hide from timesheet suggestion

Please give us a category to hide activities from the timesheet. It would be super useful to hide background applications like antivirus, anti-malware, etc.

So the application will still be tracked but if the [activity x] get marked as a category [hide] it does not show on the timesheet.

Anonymous 2019-08-21 01:33 0 comments
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Screenshot %288%29 redacted

We have multiple users and that means duplicate tasks. It would be much easier to generate reports for a task if we could merge duplicates in bulk, by selecting all of the tasks that are the same, and clicking "merge."

Anonymous 2019-08-19 22:06 1 comment
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The task widget does not show when a timer is running, if the timer is started via Slack. This is confusing because (a) there is no indication that a timer is running, except via the browser application and (b) the widget can start and stop timers for project in Slack so I expect the widget to also be able to stop the timer after I have started one via Slack (just like the web application does).

ury531449 2019-08-15 10:50 0 comments
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Task widget

A colour change or some other obvious indicator to show when the timer is running would be nice. The text changes and so does the play button but they are very subtle, especially considering how small the widget is on a 4k display. I have attached an example of the approach Time Doctor uses. Any number of alternative approaches might be good. In Time Doctor the task colour changes, the header colour changes, the icon and its colour change, and in the widget the text goes bold and a light turns on to show that the app is 'recording'.

ury531449 2019-08-15 10:35 2 comments
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We are a firm that will be transitioning into FileVine. Any thoughts on TimeCamp integration with the Filevine case management software?

Anonymous 2019-08-09 01:05 0 comments
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It would be nice to be able to quickly make a report of everyone's computer time.

Anonymous 2019-08-08 02:30 0 comments
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Particularly for sending copies of receipts, but I'm sure there are other use cases for this too.

Anonymous 2019-07-17 15:12 0 comments
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My firm is currently using Clio as a practice management and billing software.

I would like to use Timecamp as an additional time-recording help, keeping Clio for centralizing the time recordings and Billings.

Is there any future plan to allow Timecamp recordings to be synchronized with Clio, either automatically or by dragging them to Clio matters ? That would be terrific.



Anonymous 2019-07-13 08:38 0 comments
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It would be super useful if there is a feature in the android app that allows automatic tracking.

Anonymous 2019-07-13 02:36 0 comments
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Screen 7c


please add the screenshot like you did on remotecamp. The screenshot section as it is right now is not useful.


here is an example that I found on the remotecamp website but you should have access to the real example aswell

Anonymous 2019-07-11 13:14 0 comments
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When the timer is running, I often forget to click stop, and end up with eg 23hrs writing an email. It would be good to have the option to be asked, whether you´re still working, if no activity is detected for 5, 10, 20 etc minutes. And if no user input is given, the timetracking is automatically stopped. Would be great to have the option to have tracking running in the background automatically stopped.

Anonymous 2019-07-09 10:46 1 comment
Has the answer

Hello there!
Actually we have a feature of time tracking reminder - it is in your user setting. It will remind you if you leave a timer for too long.
I hope that helps!

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is it possible to have a new setting in my profile or automatically learn the last used time sheet view?
I prefer week view (graphical), but the top left logo always navigates me to the day view (timer). So I always have to perform one more click.
I'd like the logo to navigate to my preferred view.

csegyud 2019-06-21 22:06 0 comments
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Is it possible to add historical autocomplete to the notes field in the time entry?
The best would be to have the last used notes texts for the currently selected project first, then other notes ordered by time desc.

csegyud 2019-06-21 21:59 0 comments
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Please add a notification bar on Android and iOS App that shows the Logged in Task also if the App is closed.
Also cool would be a Button into this bar to Stop or Change the Task.

Anonymous 2019-06-09 01:07 0 comments
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Time report 20190606

It would be nice to be able to generate a time report from the invoice data PDF format, similar to the Invoice look. Our customer requires us to have a fully descriptive time report but want a short invoice for accounting purpose. Since accounting dept don't approve the actual time, they need the approval from the project manager. Project manager review with other internal team member the work performed but do not want to disclose the invoice cost of the outsourcing service. See example of and expected report.

Anonymous 2019-06-06 21:09 0 comments
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The custom Report is pretty useless because of the current selectable object are too limited. We need at the minimum to add the two following objects
- DATE (in YYYY-MM-DD format)
- TASK TIME (in HH:MM-HH:MM, start - stop)

The column width should also be resizable and saved as part of each individual custom reports the "reports lists".
Also make sure that all fields have wrap around text, especially NOTE. We write a lot of information in the NOTE field for task time work justification and it is almost impossible to see the content in most view in Timecamp.

Anonymous 2019-06-06 20:15 0 comments
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Type beeing off

Ability to edit type of absence list to have a clear destinction between beeing off (e.g. public holiday, holiday or spending overtime).

Anonymous 2019-05-29 16:35 0 comments
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Possibility to cumulate overtime / undertime for selected period (e.g. January - May) per employee in the attandence sheet

Anonymous 2019-05-29 16:29 2 comments
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I have a suggestion that definitively will help me (hopefully I'm not the only one). I'm currently a consultant and a developer. TimeCampas being working ok/acceptable but most of the time I need to use excel to finish my reports and invoices. because I need an extra field to add my effort time added to the time tracking. why?

- Sometimes I do work that takes more than what I can charge. so it is work/effort-time vs time track (start-stop timer)
- When I do system engineering/admin work I multitask. while the server is doing updates or installs I switch to other tasks for other projects or even other customers so I need to have time and notes for all those several tasks, and mainly want to track the actual effort time (works) since is what I will be charging to my customers.
- when having meetings I can't charge the whole time but want to keep track of the duration so I can measure the productivity of my day.

please share this request to the DevOps team.

thank you,


Anonymous 2019-05-28 16:13 0 comments
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Anonymous 2019-05-28 05:02 2 comments
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